How Does Your Organization Measure Success?


Our consulting services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients with a unique emphasis on measurable results.

Many organizations provide strong training support for their employees using both internal and external resources. However, few are able to truly measure the results of such initiatives. Precious investments of time and resources are often lost when outcomes are evaluated with little more than a “feel good survey” at the end of the course.

The Bottom Line Alignment Process, originally developed to integrate with our Mini-MBA course, can be utilized by any organization to measure the outcome and effectiveness of its instructional offerings or internal processes. It provides not only greater clarity, but also measured results, and reveals precisely where adjustments can be made to maximize productivity, grow unity, and fully harness all the benefits of alignment.

Assessing gaps that exist at the outset, the Bottom Line Alignment Process determines where thinking and methodology is both in and out of alignment within any given group. It then evaluates the progress and understanding of individuals as the training is carried out, and adjusts to their needs along the way. The information delivered in the final report provides a solid, data-driven profile of the change achieved as a result of the training or process.