mini-mBA bootcamp

Learning to Think in the Language of Business

In today’s economy, it’s not enough to just know HOW to do a job.  Managers, leaders, and employees have to know WHY decisions are made.  Anchored in the concepts of the Bottom Line Mini-MBA, the Mini-MBA Bootcamp teaches participants to apply those tools most important to the business leaders of tomorrow.

I’ve been with our company 20 years and this is the first time I’ve ever walked away from a class feeling so invigorated.

Take the time with colleagues across industries to better understand your organization's approach to business: WHY do leaders make certain decisions and HOW do we make better decisions in our own roles?  The answers will help you lead your organization into a future where change, creativity, and thought will set successful companies apart.



  • Understand and apply the tools of business
  • Bring a new rigor to the decisions you make as a leader
  • Relate to the strategy of your organization as defined at the highest levels of the corporate environment
  • Speak the language of the financial decision-makers in your organization
  • Position your own role within the profitability and success of your organization
  • Earn 3 CEU credits


  • Current and future managers who need to better understand the language of business
  • High-potential employees with responsibility for running an effective, profitable organization
  • Open to all industries and organization sizes
  • All experience levels welcome

What we will cover

Economic Thinking: understanding the levers of business

  • Global Economic Systems
  • The Business Cycle
  • Economic Laws of Supply and Demand
  • Economic Pressures: Inflation and Recession
  • The Role of Government: Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Financial Analysis: applying rigor to decision making

  • Balance Sheets, Income Statements
  • Analyzing the Health of a Company
  • Debt, Equity, and the Cost of Capital
  • Risk vs. Return Analysis

Accounting Acumen: using the tools of management

  • Time Value of Money
  • Net Present Value Analysis
  • Incentive Point Analysis
  • Cost Allocation and Break Even

Strategic Decision Making: making better business decisions

  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Product Life Cycles
  • The Role of Leaders
  • Live Case Studies and Discussion